G2 Series Brewery Meters (Sanitary Fittings)


Select Size: 1/2 inch (3.8 - 38 L/min)
Temperature: Standard Temperature (up to 65°)
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G2 Series Brewery Meters

Eliminate the guesswork from your brewing process - Make your perfect recipe every time!

The FLOMEC G2 High-temp Sanitary meter is the best flow meter for brewing. Highly dependable and affordable, the FLOMEC® G2 series is the obvious choice for small-batch brewers.

The G2 is extremely repeatable so quality control is easy to maintain. Whether you measure strike water, sparge water, wort transfer to the fermenter, or your final batch volume, the G2 can help you at all grain brewing stages.

NB: Tri-Clover® (Stainless Steel only) - Clamp size is 1/2" bigger than meter size i.e. 1" meter has 1.5" tri-clamp fittings.


  • Batching
  • Strike Water
  • Hot water flow
  • Brewing processes
  • Brewing
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Blending
  • Water
  • Plant Process Water

Approvals (Applies to standard temperature G2 Series only)

G2 Series Brewery Meters Certifications

  • Measure hot water flow up to 85° C (model dependent)
  • Easily move from one process point to the next: Measure volumes for strike water, sparge water, wort transfer, and final batch
  • Meter is designed for thin fluids < 100 cp.
  • Modular design allows for use with Output Modules, Sensors and Remote Transmitters.
  • 2 Totals (Batch = Resettable, Cumulative = Non resettable); Rate of Flow, Factory calibrated in gallons or liters. Field calibratable. Includes nonvolatile totals.
  • High accuracy meter
  • Internal parts are simple to replace for easy maintenance.
  • AAA Alkaline battery life: 2 years
  • Simple straightforward use for plug and play application, easy use and low maintenence.
  • Body material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Bearings: 96% Alumina Oxide Ceramic
  • Accuracy:
     1/2"  ± 1.5%
     3/4"  ± 1.0%
     1"  ± 1.0%
     1.5"  ± 0.75%
     2"  ± 0.75%
  • Pressure Rating: 1500 PSI/102 bar (limited by fitting, clamp size and temperature when fitted with sanitary fittings)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -18°C to +54°C (up to 85° on high temperature models only)
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Australia Wide Standard (4-7 day delivery) - Free 
  • Australia Wide Express (1-3 day delivery) - $15.00 

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