DP Series Insertion Flow Meters

The FLOMEC® DP Series insertion meters use a paddlewheel design to measure the flow of water, fuels, and other low viscosity liquids in pipe sizes 1.5” – 100” (10 – 2500 mm).

DP Series Insertion Meters are a versatile and economical product for flow measurement in large pipes, where they provide moderately accurate readings at an exceptionally low cost of ownership.

With a simple and reliable design, and various options for outputs, displays, and hazardous area ratings they provide a fantastic alternative to full-bore flow meters in many applications.

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DP Series Insertion Flow Meter

Features & Benefits

  • 1.5% of reading accuracy provides exceptional measurement accuracy with limited investment
  • Near zero pressure drop, minimising pumping costs
  • Extremely versatile design means one product is suited for a huge variety of pipe sizes
  • DP525 model is suitable for ‘hot tap’ installations allowing installation/withdrawal of the product in a full pipe
  • Only one moving part provides a reliable product with minimal maintenance costs
  • IP68 submersible design (flying cable versions only) with corrosion proof 316 construction means you can install it anywhere
  • IECEx/ATEX models available, making the product safe to use in flammable liquid applications

Sizes & Flowrates

DP490; 1.5” – 36” (40mm - 900mm) Pipe Sizes | Flow velocity from 1m/s – 10m/s (3-33 ft/s)

The FLOMEC® DP490 is exceptionally suited to measurement of water flow in pipe sizes up to 36” / 900mm in size, where installed cost is more critical than extreme accuracy. In these situations the DP490 can be a perfect alternative to an electromagnetic meter or a clamp-on ultrasonic, where the DP490 can achieve exceptionally repeatable results at +/-1.5% accuracy, at a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies.

The DP490 is also suitable for measurement of any low viscosity liquid in a large pipe, such as fuels and solvents, where the intrinsically safe display options on the DP490 allow installation in any IECEx or ATEX area.

The DP Series meters are the perfect solution for measuring water flows in large pipes where optimal cost is critical.

Typical Applications 

  • Water distribution
  • Water treatment
  • Boiler feed water
  • Ballast water control
  • HVAC water flow monitoring
  • Fire system monitoring
  • Waste water
  • Hydrant flow testing
DP525; 2” – 100” (50mm - 2500mm) Pipe Sizes | Flow velocity from 1m/s – 10m/s (3-33 ft/s)