QM40 Mechanical Flow Meter

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QM40 Mechanical Flow Meter

The FLOMEC® QM40 Series Fuel meter is a strong, accurate, and reliable oval gear flow meter capable of handling the toughest conditions. Frictionless mag drive means no seals and no internal leaks.

Compatible Fluids

  • Petrol (Up to E15)
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Biodiesel blends (up to B20)
  • Kerosene
  • Avgas
  • Jet A-1

Here's Why:

  • Oval Gear Technology provides 20x more precision at 75 LPM and 4x higher accuracy (1/2%) overall when compared to nutating disc meters.
  • No calibration required. Factory set at +1% accuracy with as low as +0.5% achievable in the field. Accurate at as low as 8 LPM compared to 24 LPM with nutating disc mechanical diesel fuel flow meters.
  • Frictionless Mag Drive means no leaks and no seals internally improving the lifespan and accuracy of your diesel meter.
  • Larger Capacity allows for a flow range of 8 - 150 LPM means a 33% increase in capacity compared to 120 LPM for nutating disc mechanical diesel fuel flow meters
  • Rotatable Display Mount lets you mount the QM40  in a range of positions allowing for flexibility in installation.
  • Low Pressure Drop makes it the ideal flow meter for gravity fed applications with 7 PSI at  150 LPM and only 1 PSI at 40LPM 


QM150 Series Datasheet
QM150 Series Instruction Manual

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