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Oval Gear Meters

Standard OM Series Flow Meters have 1 x NPN Hall Effect Sensor and 1 x Reed Switch. However, there is the option to have just one type depending on the application (high temperature, intrinsically safe etc.)

EGM Series Flow Meters have 1 x NPN Hall Effect Sensor and an optional PT100 temperature sensor.

OM Mechanical and QM150 Series Flowmeters have a mechanical register only.

Meters with reed switches or mechanical displays do not require power to operate making it ideal for remote installation.

OM Series and EGM Series flowmeters using a hall effect sensor require 5-24v (DC) to function correctly.

The two main causes for this are:

1. Entrained air in the system

2. Signal interference (if it is a pulse meter).

Oval gear meters cannot distinguish the difference between gas and fluid, therefore an Air-eliminator is required.

Signal interference is caused by things such as the meter being installed too close to an inductive device (such as pump or valve), signal wire is not shielded and earthed at one end or the signal wire is running next to a high voltage cable. The receiving instrument may also have the wrong k-factor entered.

Oval gear flowmeters must only measure clean fluids. Any debris can cause damage to the measuring chamber and may cause the rotors to hit the chamber walls, or each other. If your flowmeter is noisy, the meter should be inspected for any damage to the rotors and have debris removed from the line by installing a strainer upstream. Note: Oval gear flowmeters do produce noise naturally and the noise generated varies depending on size, flowrate and material of the rotors.

The rotors may be jammed due to debris, therefore inspection is required. Pulse meters may have been wired incorrectly which may have resulted in PCB damage. When using the Hall effect sensor, a pull up resistor is required. The receiving instrument may also have the wrong k-factor entered.

Yes, however, you will need to source an additional instrument for the OM pulse meter range that can either be mounted directly to the meter or have it field mounted. QM, D-Series and OM Mechanical's cannot have outputs. EGM's require a field mount instrument.

Turbine Flowmeters

There are many different reasons for incorrect readings. These include:

- Meter is installed too close to an inductive device (pump or valve)

- Signal wire is not shielded and earthed at one end

- Signal wire is running next to a high voltage cable

- The flowmeter has not been installed with the correct flow conditioning (10x diameter upstream, 5x downstream) away from bends, junctions etc.

- Air may be in the line. Turbine meters cannot distinguish between gas and liquids which would result in false measurements

- The flow rate is too low for the meter to measure correctly.

- Debris in the line may have struck the rotors which could have resulted in the turbine blades breaking away.

Turbine flowmeters are only suited to thin fluids travelling at moderate to high velocities. A general rule of thumb is, water like fluids with a maximum viscosity of 10cPs and a desired flowrate that is half of the meter's maximum flowrate is ideal.

Turbine meters are ideally suited for fluids with a viscosity between 0.5 – 10cP. However, they can withstand up to 70cP though it should be field calibrated each time it is to be used to ensure accuracy.

This issue will most likely due to one of the below causes:

-  The flow rate is below the designed flow rate of the meter.

-  The turbine blades may be jammed or broken due to debris or over speeding.

- The signal generators in the rotors may be missing due to over speeding (For G2 Series only).

-  The Meter Sensor Magnet may be faulty. Remove the display and using a screwdriver, wave it over the sensor on the back of the display. If the computer doesn’t register a value, the display requires replacement.

Yes, however you will need to either source an additional module to suit the G2 or A1 series meters, or an additional instrument for the G-Series or TP series that can either mounted directly to the meter or have it field mounted.

Insertion Flowmeters

Like the OM range, there are a few causes:

- The Insertion Meter my not be aligned correctly to the direction to the flow.

- The Impeller fins of the rotor may have broken off due to over speeding or due to debris in the installation.

- The flowrate is too low for the meter to measure correctly.

The K-factor for this meter depends on the pipe it is installed into as the insertion depth varies due to the size of the meter and the pipe. There is a calculation to determine the k-factor can be found in the manual.

There are many different reasons for incorrect readings such as;

- Meter is installed too close to an inductive device (such as pump or valve)

- Signal wire is not shielded and earthed at one end.

- Signal wire is running next to a high voltage cable.

- The meter has not been installed with correct flow conditioning (10x diameter upstream, 5x diameter downstream) away from bends, junctions, pumps etc)

Yes, however you will need to either attach an instrument to the DP meter and source a stem kit (if it has flying cable), or have the instrument field mounted near the meter.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

The three main causes for this are either the meter is installed in the wrong orientation (QSE’s only work in one direction), or there is air in the line or it may not have been earthed correctly using the Earth Stud on the meter body.

If all the above has been ruled out, the QSE firmware may require updating. Please refer to the manual for instruction on updating the QSE Firmware.

Yes, however the 09 display will not be level.

The Bluetooth connection can only reach 100 feet (30 metres) nominally, however moving closer to within 33 feet (10 metres) will overcome any obstacles.

No, only Android devices can utilise the FLOMEC App.

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