TM Series Flow Meter with Display and Pulse Output

FLOMEC® TM Series Water Meters are accurate, economical and designed to last. Choose TM Water Meters for water processing and irrigation applications:

  • Meets Schedule 80 PVC specifications 
  • Standard low-profile display 
  • Five sizes with two fitting types available 
  • Flowrates from 1 to 200 gallons per minute (3.8 to 760 L/min) 
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Tm Series Flow Meter

Features & Benefits

  • Includes pulse output cable for interfacing with customer equipment 
  • Displays in gallons and liters 
  • Indicates Batch, Cumulative Totals and Rate of Flow 
  • Non-volatile totals means amounts are retained when batteries are replaced or power is lost 
  • Lithium battery life: 5 years 

Sizes & Flowrates

1/2" - 2" (15mm - 50mm) Pipe Sizes | Flows from 3.8 L/min - 760 L/min

Typical Applications:

  • OEM water treatment equipment / skids 
  • Sub-metering of facility water usage 
  • Waste water treatment equipment 
  • Irrigation 
  • Batching
  • Plant process water 
  • Water based cooling systems 
  • Chemical feed systems 
  • Monitoring clean fluids 
  • Cooling towers 
  • Blending