Flow Rate Totalisers

FLOMEC® Rate Totalisers are designed for receiving pulse signals from FLOMEC flowmeters, and to compute and display a reading of flowrate and/or total volume.

FLOMEC® Rate Totalisers are rugged and reliable, and with a broad range of models available from a basic display only to fully featured models with analogue output and HART communications, there is a FLOMEC Rate Totaliser for almost any application.  

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RT14 Flow Rate Totaliser Backlit

FLOMEC® Flow Rate Totaliser Models

09 Display
RT40 Rate Totaliser
RT14 Rate Totaliser
RT14 Flow Rate Totaliser

The FLOMEC® RT14 Rate Totaliser is the perfect display for users who require a more sophisticated local display which can also interface with external control or monitoring equipment. The RT14 features a backlit LCD, which provides optimal readability from a distance or in low-light conditions. Various output options are available to suit almost any flow measurement application, with a 4-20mA analogue signal for flowrate feedback and control, flow alarms for monitoring of critical processes, and a scaled pulse signal for remote monitoring of total volumes. The RT14 is housed in a robust glass reinforced nylon enclosure with an IP66/67 rating, rubberised buttons, a polycarbonate screen protector, and comes with an optional IECEx/ATEX Intrinsically safe approval. The FLOMEC® RT14 a fantastic product for almost any flow measurement application in both safe and hazardous areas.

The RT14 Rate Totaliser is the perfect product when a local display is required with the ability to interface with external control and monitoring equipment (PLC, SCADA, DCS).

Features & Benefits: 

  • Robust IP66/67 glass reinforced nylon enclosure
  • Polycarbonate screen protector maintains readability of the display while protecting from impacts
  • Battery powered with 5 year life span
  • Broad operating temperature range; -30oC to +80oC or -30oC to +70oC when intrinsically safe.
  • 10 point linearization of flowmeter accuracy curve
  • 4-20mA loop powered analogue output with 12 bit resolution and exceptional 0.05% F.S. accuracy.
  • NPN/PNP scaled pulse output is well suited to remote recording of total volume, particularly in PLC’s with low input frequency restrictions.
  • Flow alarms for high, low, or high/low, with adjustable hysteresis allows precise control over critical processes such as coolant flow or bearing lubrication.
  • Two totals (1x resettable, 1x non-resettable), and one flowrate display
  • Totals and flowrate units are selectable for Litres, US Gallons, cubic Metres, kilograms, and pounds.
  • Flowrates can be displayed in /second, /minute, /hour, or /day.
  • Easy and secure programming; PIN protected with simple scrolling English prompts on screen
  • Can be direct mounted on any OM series, DP series, or TP series flowmeter.
  • Can be remote mounted in a panel, or on a wall or pipe (mounting kits purchased separately).
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