FLOMEC® Flow Rate Totalisers

FLOMEC® Rate Totalisers are designed for receiving pulse signals from FLOMEC flowmeters, and to compute and display a reading of flowrate and/or total volume.

FLOMEC® Rate Totalisers are rugged and reliable, and with a broad range of models available from a basic display only to fully featured models with analogue output and HART communications, there is a FLOMEC Rate Totaliser for almost any application.  

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RT14 Flow Rate Totaliser Backlit

FLOMEC® Flow Rate Totaliser Models

09 Display
09 Display

The FLOMEC® 09 Display is an excellent choice for use with most FLOMEC® Turbine or Electromagnetic Meters. Commonly used features are pre-programmed in the display. End-users can enable additional features by using a password available from the factory or click the button below to find. The 09 configuration provides a high degree of customization, matching customers’ exact needs.

The 09 Display is best suited to applications requiring a low-cost local display on a FLOMEC® G2, A1, or TM Turbine meter, or the QSE electromagnetic meter.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Compact and rugged display
  • Battery powered with 5 year life span
  • Flow rate display in units/minute
  • Quick and easy to change between Gallons and Litres display units
  • Can be field calibrated to adjust to specific liquids or installation conditions
  • cFMus, IECEx, and ATEX approved for intrinsic safety (A1 and G2 turbine models only)
RT40 Rate Totaliser
RT14 Rate Totaliser
QSI Communication Module
F018 Rate totaliser
E018 Explosionproof Rate totaliser