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QM150 Series Diesel Fuel Flowmeters


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QM150 Series Mechanical Diesel Flow Meter


 The FLOMEC® QM150 Series Mechanical Diesel Fuel Flow Meters are extremely accurate, flexible and reliable. With class leading technology, you can rely on the QM150 to do the job no matter what the conditions. Here's why:

  • Oval Gear Technology provides 20x more precision at 75 LPM and 4x higher accuracy (1/2%) overall when compared to nutating disc meters.
  • No calibration required. Factory set at +1% accuracy with as low as +0.5% achievable in the field. Accurate at as low as 8 LPM compared to 24 LPM with nutating disc mechanical diesel fuel flow meters.
  • Frictionless Mag Drive means no leaks and no seals internally improving the lifespan and accuracy of your diesel meter.
  • Larger Capacity allows for a flow range of 8 - 150 LPM means a 33% increase in capacity compared to 120 LPM for nutating disc mechanical diesel fuel flow meters. 
  • Rotatable Display Mount lets you mount the QM Series in a range of positions allowing for flexibility in installation.
  • Low Pressure Drop makes it the ideal flow meter for gravity fed applications with 7 PSI at 150 LPM and only 1 PSI at 40LPM


  • Flow range: 8 L/min to 150 L/min
  • Available in 1" BSP and NPT aluminium housing
  • Cumulative Total to 99,999,999 and resetable batch total to 9999.9
  • Factory set at ± 1% accuracy with ± 0.5% achievable in the field.
  • Operating temperature range of between -40ºC to +52ºC
  • Maximum working pressure of 50 PSIG (3.4 Bar)
  • Positive Displacement Oval Gear Technology

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