01A Series Diesel Flow Meters

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01A Series Diesel Flow Meter

01A Series Diesel Flow Meter


The 01A Series Digital Diesel meter is a lightweight, accurate, and reliable turbine meter with rugged aluminum housing, sealed electronic circuitry and digital display.

Accurate (within 5%) and repeatable (± 0.5%), the 01A Series Digital Diesel Meter works perfectly with diesel on gravity feed or electric transfer pumps which makes this digital diesel meter a versatile and economical solution.


  • Flow range: 10 L/min to 113 L/min
  • Available in 1" BSP and NPT aluminium housing
  • Maximum working pressure of 300psi (21bar)
  • Two Totals - Cumulative Total and Batch Total (resettable). to 9,999L
  • Accurate to ±5% with ±0.5% repeatability
  • Operating temperature range of between -10ºC to +50ºC
  • Powered by two alkaline AAA batteries
    (Average 5 year use)
  • Factory calibrated (not field calibratable)


  • Fuel Transfer
  • Agricultural Equipment Refueling
  • Depot Refueling