OM Series Positive Displacement Flowmeter

What are Positive Displacement Flowmeters?

Technical Guide
Positive displacement meters are widely used in various applications such as in inventory management of chemicals delivered ranging from detergents and deodorizers to low concentrated caustic and acid solutions. They are also being utilized to monitor fuel consumption for diesel generators for mining and construction sites. Small oval gear meters are used in fuel terminals for proportional blending of additives for fuels, such as anti-icing agents, combustion modifiers, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants.
flomec selection of flowmeters

Selecting The Right Flowmeter - Top 7 Considerations

Technical Guide

There are a host of considerations when selecting a flowmeter such as cost, brand, technology, installation requirements, application, the list goes on...

To help narrow down the answer to these questions, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 Considerations for Choosing a Flowmeter. Once you understand these requirements, the considerations mentioned above will become clearer and the potential field of products narrowed.