FLOMEC® RT12 LCD display

FLOMEC® LCD display RT12  is a fully programmable self-powered flow rate totaliser specifically designed for computing & displaying flow rates & totals from flow meters with pulse, sine wave or frequency outputs.

The instrument displays resettable (batch) total, cumulative total and instantaneous flow rate in engineering units as programmed by the user.  


    • Self or external powered, 8 digit LCD total & 8 digit cumulative totaliser, 5 digit rate display
    • Robust IP66/67~NEMA 4X universal mount or DIN Panel mount version
    • Aluminium/GRN field & panel mountable housing
    • Scaled pulse, 4-20mA (Loop Powered) Output, Dual flow inputs (A+B, A-B, A÷B), multi point linearization of flow input or frequency inputs
    • High & low flow alarms & Low Frequency cutoff
    • PIN protected programming
    • Simple flow chart touch key programming
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Non volatile memory, Long  battery life
    • Relay board with SPDT outputs (Optional)
    • Optional Intrinsically safe version to Exia IIB T4 version (IECEx & ATEX approved) 

     FLOMEC® RT12 Rate Totaliser

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    Outputs (under external power)

    An unscaled pulse output serves as an input signal amplifier ideally suited for coil type inputs from turbine or paddle wheel meters. The output can be transmitted over long distance & is NPN/PNP selectable (current sinking or current sourcing).