Flomec Modular Air-eliminator Strainer 

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FLOMEC® Modular Air-eliminator Strainer is suitable for removal of entrained air and vapor bubbles from low and medium viscosity liquids, up to a limit of approximately 100cP. For removal of large air volumes from a flow stream, or for gas elimination in high viscosity liquids, please contact Flomec regarding our large capacity air separator tanks.

The Eliminator Strainer can be purchased as a stand-alone or close coupled strainer unit, or as a multi-function air eliminator & strainer. As the ES assembly is modular, these two configurations are interchangeable in the field.

Wafer back-pressure check valves can also be purchased for fitment between a Flomec meter and the Eliminator Strainer. The back pressure check valve provides the necessary back pressure required for correct operation of the air eliminator, and ensures that the flow system cannot experience reverse flow. Back-pressure check valves should be purchased for any flow systems that do not have a minimum of 30kpa (approx. 4psi) backpressure present. 

FLOMEC ® Basket Type Flanged Strainer



  • Robust Cast Body in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (CF8M)
  • 304SS Basket Screen & PTFE Seals
  • For general chemical and industrial applications Screen


  • End connection: ANSI Flanged
  • Working pressure: 10 bar (14.5 psig)
  • Temperature: -20 ~ 180°C     

FLOMEC ® Y” Type Strainers

FLOMEC ®Y” Type Strainers take their name from their configuration. They are most commonly used in pressurized lines, gas or liquid, but can also be used in suction or vacuum conditions. They are intended for applications where small amounts of solid particulates are expected, and where clean-out will be infrequent. If solids will flush easily from the screen, and fluid can be exhausted to atmosphere, a blow-down valve on the drain port will allow clean-out without removal of the screen, and without interrupting the process flow.


General Specification

  • End Connection: BSP/NPT Pipe thread (ANSI or DIN Flanges available on request)
  • Working Pressure: 40 bar (580 psi)
  • Temperature: -20 ~ 180˚C
  • Available Mesh Size: 40 ~ 200 mesh (400 ~ 75 microns) 

Features / Benefits

  • Robust Investment Cast Design
  • Screwed bonnet
  • Easy to install
  • Double screen 

FLOMEC ® Air-eliminator Strainer
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FLOMEC ® Basket Type Flanged Strainer
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FLOMEC ®Y” Type Strainers
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